Your Cosmic Compass: Do-It-Yourself Yearly Astrological Planner

Emily Klintworth

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Enjoy this fun and uplifting spiritual guidebook that provides exclusive access to cosmic conditions that surround one specific year of your life from birthdate to birthdate. Discover the dynamic themes, challenges, and opportunities that await you at your Solar Return (birthdate), and gain valuable insights, meditations, mantras, and advice. Each chapter provides ancient knowledge that can be applied to your life, and with each bit of wisdom you receive, use your Vision Sheet to assist you with creating your very own cosmic calendar. This book can be used repeatedly, exploring any year of your choosing—past, present, or future. Each time you come back, you will discover that the cosmic conditions shift, and your spiritual guidance evolves. Interpretations are insightful and empowering so that you can learn how to consciously steer your own life. Online access to your own personal Cosmic Navigator is provided.

Size: 6" x 9" | 12 b/w images | 152 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355936

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Emily Klintworth is an award-winning writer and astrologer who is paving the way for the Great Aquarian Age. Her revolutionary approach to astrology has allowed this ancient wisdom to reach the modern era. Through her work, she continuously empowers the individual to receive the insights they seek, but also emphasis the great necessity to develop their spiritual strength from within. She is the author of Claiming Your Power Through Astrology.