Yellowstone National Park: Past & Present

Suzanne Silverthorn & I-Ting Chiang

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Yellowstone is one of America's best known national parks. Established in 1872, it continues to fascinate us with its diverse scenery and wildlife. This is the place of geysers and waterfalls, of bears and bison, and where conservation and environmental consciousness were born. Steeped in history, this national treasure is brought to life through both vintage postcards and contemporary photographs. Visit the famous geysers and mud pots, canyon waterfalls, lakes, valleys, and wildlife, plus the most renowned of all the lodges in the National Park system -- the Old Faithful Inn. Travel back to when stagecoaches were the primary mode of transportation and luxury hotels were built to serve wealthy train travelers and discover how the automobile and the Grand Loop Road system expanded the park's accessibility and affordability. This book is a treasured keepsake for those who love the national parks and a great resource guide for history buffs.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 325 images | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764341755

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Suzanne Silverthorn has been collecting postcards from the national parks for more than a decade. She is the communications manager for the town of Vail. I-Ting Chiang is an award-winning nature photographer and an electrical engineer in the San Francisco Bay area.