Wisdom for Wee Ones

Mark Byers, Illustrated by Sakura Zhang and Logan Li

Available June 2022

Age level: Reader: Ages 5-9


If you could give just one gift to your child for their lifetime, what would you choose? Wealth? Success? Long life? Once Wisdom makes her home in a child’s heart, she brings all these gifts, and more. Wisdom for Wee Ones is a rhyming interpretation of Proverbs, with charming illustrations that warmly bring home the point for parents and their wee ones. Based on the Book of Proverbs, this set of 20 cards are perfect for parents looking for wholesome entertainment they can share with their kids, along with spiritual encouragement and light education. Also makes a quality gift for friends who have become new parents, and for grandparents who want to leave a lasting impression. You’ll be drawn to the charming, colorful illustrations and fun, rhyming verses. This easy to use deck set will help children understand the power of wisdom to give them a safer and happier life.

Size: 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/2" | 20 art cards
ISBN13: 9780764363832

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Mark Byers is a writer and director in the international entertainment industry, with a special affinity for communicating with families through both animated and live-action films and television. He has always been fascinated by wisdom, but it was the birth of his daughter, Dylan Song, that made wisdom a compelling mission in his life and work. As an artist, Sakura Zhang has had a love for animation and comic art since her graduation from university in 2006. She is currently a game concept artist and illustrator based in Qingdao, China. Her dream is to become an independent artist, to draw the beauty in her heart. And with this independence, she hopes to travel around the world with her young son, to help him seek wisdom and courage.