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Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft

Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft

Paul Kirtley

Available March 2021


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An understandable guide to key skills for bushcrafters, campers, outdoors lovers, and anyone interested in surviving on the land. No other woodcraft teacher instills outdoor knowledge the way Kirtley does, which has earned him a stellar global reputation. This is the chance to learn from him even if you can’t attend his sold-out courses. Everything needed for those seeking eventual serious bushcraft mastery, and also helpful for those who admire bushcraft but simply want to add ease and enjoyment to occasional camping. This is his first book and teaches the core skills from start to finish: selecting the correct tools for the task, caring for the tools, everyday axe techniques, felling, limbing, sectioning, and carving techniques and projects. Next, master efficient and sometimes lifesaving campcraft needs, including pot hangers, tripods, cranes, camp grills, broilers, lanterns, stools, tent needs, essential knots, lashings, ladders, and rope throwing and hoisting. Also features a detailed look at more than a dozen types of wood and their properties, for best choices in all bushcraft needs.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 10″ | 200+ color photos | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764361487 | Binding: hard cover


Paul Kirtley is a professional bushcraft instructor. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. Prior to setting up his own bushcraft school, Paul spent 10 years studying and training under the guidance of world-renowned bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears, first as a student on his bushcraft courses and then as an employee. Paul is one of only a few people worldwide who have been recognized by Ray Mears as a bushcraft instructor, being awarded the celebrated antler-handled Woodlore instructor’s knife. Paul started working for Ray Mears’s company, Woodlore Ltd., in 2003, assisting Ray and Juha Rankinen on bushcraft courses in the UK. Later he progressed to assisting the likes of Lars Falton in overseas courses. Ultimately, in the role of course director, Paul was responsible for overseeing the running of all of Woodlore’s bushcraft courses both in the UK and overseas. Paul continues to be a student of bushcraft and of nature. He says, “There’s always more to learn; it’s massively humbling how little one person really knows about the natural world.” Paul’s travels have taken him to Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia, but the list of places in which he’d love to travel never seems to get any shorter. Paul receives around 250,000 unique visitors per year on paulkirtley.co.uk and has a substantial emailing list. In terms of selling/highlighting the book, Paul has some of the top outdoor-themed podcasts, through which this book can be promoted.