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Wiccan / Pagan Starter Pack for Adults

Wiccan / Pagan Starter Pack for Adults

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Have you been wanting to know more about Wicca and Paganism, but didn’t know where to start? Just for you we’ve created our carefully curated, specially priced bundle of books that will get you up to speed quickly! Secrets of a Witch’s Coven reveals the wonders and beauty of this ancient mystery tradition to all sincere seekers with a comprehensive collection of teachings that is a complete course of initiation into the first degree of witchcraft. Wicca What’s the Real Deal breaks through the misconceptions with this groundbreaking, comprehensive guide showcasing Wicca and Witchcraft, written in a simple myth/truth format and finally, Pagan Metaphysics 101, where you’ll gain an introductory understanding of metaphysical concepts from a pagan perspective. Take this important step to learning more about this fascinating tradition!

ISBN13: 9780764388882