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Where Is My Stuffed Animal?

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Where Is My Stuffed Animal?

Laurent Richard

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Age level: Picture Book: Ages 0-6


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Playfully drawn collections of near-lookalike stuffed animals invite young children to explore shapes, colors, and details until they can put their finger on the exact toy shown on the previous page. Close attention to detail, focus, and memory are developed through this seek-and-find book. Children can play by themselves, with friends and family to see who finds the match first, or even upside down. On each page there is also a stray object that doesn’t belong—can you find them all? Each stuffed animal is uniquely and vibrantly drawn. Bear cub, kitty, dinosaur, red bird, fish, wolf—there is a favorite toy for everyone!

Size: 7″ x 9″ | 192 color images | 24 pp
ISBN13: 9780764358180 | Binding: board book 2 rounded corners


Laurent Richard was born in 1972 in Brittany, Saint Brieuc. Illustrator since 1998, he works mainly for the press and the youth edition. He is a graduate of the Estienne School and the University of Paris 1 and taught applied arts for a decade. In 2005, one of his paper characters, Bali, appeared on TV in France and elsewhere. He lives in Binic at the edge of the sea, where he continues to develop his visual universe.