Whales and Seals: Biology and Ecology

Pierre-Henry Fontaine

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Provided here is a detailed picture of the lives and environments of whales and seals, including chapters on anatomy, adaptation to aquatic life, nutrition, migration, reproduction, and paracites and enemies. The interaction of man with these marine animals is also explored, as is their paleontology. New information and 678 color diagrams and illustrations help illuminate the lives of these mysterious animals. At the end of the text, fact sheets about the Mysticetes, Odontocetes, and Pinnipeds, a glossary, and an extensive bibliography provide additional information essential to the study of whales and seals, leaving the reader more fully informed. With this book, all readers, from the curious to the scientist, will find much to further their knowledge of, and fire their passions for, these impressive denizens of the deep.

Size: 6" x 9" | 678 color images | 448 pp
ISBN13: 9780764327919

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Pierre-Henry Fontaine is a biologist, recognized whale expert, and consultant to museums in Europe and North America.