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Weaving of the Southwest

Weaving of the Southwest

Marian Rodee

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This book presents important information on Pueblo, Navajo, Rio Grande, and Northern Mexican weaving styles of the Southwestern U. S. region. Traditional and modern styles of blankets, clothing, and rugs are identified and explained in detail, with brief accounts of some of the old trading posts that sold them.<br> Today, Navajo weaving remains an important domestic craft that is intimately linked with what it means to be a traditional Navajo woman. This new edition of the classic book includes up-to-date advances in the materials and a trend that increasingly includes men as weavers. The evolving weaving styles are explained, including a caution for identifying foreign copies. New marketing ideas are also discussed. All weavers, collectors, dealers, and historians will welcome this new edition.

Size: 9'' x 12'' | 579 | 248 pp
ISBN13: 9780887400919