Waffen-SS Knights and Their Battles: Web Exclusive Bundle

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This is a study of the Ritterkreuz or "Knight's Cross" recipients of the Waffen-SS. These profiles include photos, excerpts from the soldiers' RK commendations and personnel files, and pre/post-war biographical details. In addition to the RK holder profiles, the book tracks the formation and movements of all Waffen-SS units active during the time period covered in each section. The timeline is accompanied by detailed campaign and theater maps. Included are biographies and photos of prominent personalities such as Joachim Peiper of the Leibstandarte, Walloon political leader Leon Degrelle, Hans Dorr of the Totenkopf division, brothers Hermann and Waldemar Fegelein, Kurt "Panzer" Meyer, Hitler's adjutant Max Wünsche, foreign minister's son Rudolf von Ribbentrop, commando leader Otto Skorzeny, and Das Reich division commander Paul Hausser. Volume 1 covers 1939–42, Vol.2 from January to July 1943, Vol.3 from August to December 1943, and Vol.4 from January to May 1944. Each volume is hardbound with a dust jacket and thick, glossy paper. The books are available for individual purchase at $39.99 each; they are now available as a set for only $89.99. This offer is only available directly from Schiffer Publishing via our website and Square store. The offer will expire when supply runs out of any one of the four volumes.

ISBN13: 9780764399998

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