Visions of Erotica

Miss Naomi

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For centuries, erotic art has brought together the intense passions of both artistic expression and human sexuality. This volatile mixture continues to draw a full spectrum of reactions, from ecstasy to outrage. Above all, it provokes an unquenchable curiosity that lures us into the mysterious realm of forbidden art.Featured here, in beautiful color, are over 500 works of erotic art. Through drawings, paintings, and sculpture, these visions of erotica span diverse countries, cultures, centuries, and lifestyles. Whether it is controversial, humorous, lovely, deviant, mythical, or even instructional, each piece was created within the boundaries of its own social context, and provides a candid, thought-provoking glimpse into another time and place.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 507 color photos | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764310256

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Miss Naomi is a wife, mother, and grandmother who lives in Florida with a collection of over 2000 pieces of erotic art. This is her second book with Schiffer, following Forbidden Art: The World of Erotica.