Vintage Cardboard Crafting: Handmaking 15 Embellished Containers

Anne Lardy

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Think beautiful antique boxes. Think vintage, monogrammed, Art Nouveaux, and just about any box that fits your needs. Add cardboard, fabric, tissue, lace buttons, and other decorations. You are now on your journey to crafting and enjoying unique boxes that reflect your artistic flair. Keep them, use them, or give them as gifts. These personal creations will draw oh’s and ah’s and last for years to come. This practical guide offers step-by-step instructions, actual size patterns, and over 200 images and diagrams. Easy-to-follow instructions will have beginners and seasoned makers constructing boxes for tea and biscuits, Japanese trinket bowls, work baskets, and more. Creating an elegant box has never been easier!

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 209 color images | 88 pp
ISBN13: 9780764359651

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Without a doubt, Anne Lardy brings a new look to crafting with cardboard. She published 2 previous titles on crafting boxes and weaving pearls. She lives in the French region of Rhone-Alpes.