VHS: Video Cover Art: 1980s to Early 1990s

Thomas Hodge, "The Dude Designs"

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Video cover art is a unique and largely lost artform representing a period of unabashed creativity during the video rental boom of the 1980s to early 1990s. The art explodes with a succulent, indulgent blend of design, illustration, typography, and hilarious copywriting. Written and curated by Tom "The Dude Designs" Hodge, poster artist extraordinaire and VHS obsessive, with a foreword by Mondo's Justin Ishmael, this collection contains over 240 full-scale, complete video sleeves in the genres of action, comedy, horror, kids, sci-fi, and thriller films. It's a world of mustached, muscled men, buxom beauties, big explosions, phallic guns, and nightmare-inducing monsters. From the sublime to the ridiculous, some are incredible works of art, some are insane, and some capture the tone of the films better than the films themselves. All are amazing and inspiring works of art that captivate the imagination. It's like stepping back in time into your local video store!

Size: 12" x 9" | 570 color photos | Index | 264 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348679

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Tom Hodge, aka "The Dude Designs" is an independent art director, designer, and artist for film key art. Inspired by a lifelong love/collector/addict of '80s VHS and cover art, his work aims to bringing back that lost magic of film posters and he has been solely responsible for such designs as Hobo with a Shotgun, The Innkeepers, and The Heat, among many others. His posters receive coverage online from Bloody Disgusting to Entertainment Weekly, even Perez Hilton and he also is regularly listed in "Best film poster of the year" roundups by sites like Screen Rant, MTV News, and Rotten Tomatoes, often having up to 3 designs included. He’s been featured on BBC News and Vice websites, among others, at conventions, podcasts, and in various magazines worldwide.