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Vampires of Lore: Traits and Modern Misconceptions

A. P. Sylvia

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Vampire . . . the word immediately conjures up bloodstained fangs, an aversion to sunlight, bats, garlic, and wooden stakes. These undead immortals have haunted our favorite books, television shows, and movies for decades. This exploration of a seemingly supernatural topic delves into past traditions around the world and how those traditions have affected our pop-culture modern-day monster. Explore belief systems as well as origins of various notions we all seem to have about vampires, and unearth the bloody dirt about this mystical creature. Discover differences and similarities between the realm of folklore and what modern media has taught us. Did villagers really use wooden stakes, garlic, and mirrors? What about vampires turning into bats or hypnotizing victims? Did they really cause disease, turn into dogs, and sleep in coffins? Topics are arranged by trait so that the reader can consider each characteristic before believing or dismissing it. So . . . if you’re ready, let’s hunt some vampires.

Size: 6" x 9" | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764357923

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A. P. Sylvia has long had an interest in supernatural beliefs and their origins. Beyond just immersing himself in the essential texts of vampire folklore, he has traveled to a number of vampire-related locations. He is a member of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula (North American chapter) as well as the Dracula Society (based in London). He runs the website LocationsOfLore.com and is a fan of classic monster movies.