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Unauthorized Guide to Collecting Living Dead Dolls™

Unauthorized Guide to Collecting Living Dead Dolls™

Robin Moore

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Take old black and white films like Nosferatu from the 1920s, a horror movie like The Omen from the 1970s, murder mysteries like “Lizzie Borden” and “The Black Dahlia,” a serial killer like John Wayne Gacy. Add lots of blood and a portion of poetry, and you have the makings for the hottest new collectible of the 21st century, “Living Dead Dolls*tm.”Learn the value of your Living Dead Dolls*tm collection with over 100 pages of pure evil packed with 600+ color photographs of your favorite dolls and other items. See the all new Living Dead Dollies, Living Dead Ragdolls, Fashion Victims, lunch boxes, mini dolls, Head Knockers*tm, barware, drinking glasses, party lights, T-shirts, portfolios, handmade and prototype dolls. Also features Bleeding Edge*tm Goths fashion beauties, Krypt Kiddies*tm devilish babies, and Teddy Scares*tm evil plush bears from the Applehead Factory Inc. Collectors’ tips, current values, and an itemized checklist for charting your collection are all included.

Size: Coffin-shaped, 6 5/8″ x 12″ | 618 color photos | Price Guide | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764322938 | Binding: soft cover


Robin Moore operates, the “Lil’ Gothic Shop of Horror & Laughs!” where she buys and sells collectible toys, action figures, and gothic and horror dolls like Bleeding Edge*tm Goths and Living Dead Dolls*tm. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.