UFOs Over South Carolina

Sherman Carmichael

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Accounts of hovering objects and strange lights in the sky are reported daily all across America. South Carolina is no exception. Here find over 65 stories from pilots, law enforcement, military, and citizens detailing incidents they have experienced. In 48 different cities, towns, and rural communities, from Johnsonville to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, communities in South Carolina are experiencing UFO activity. Aliens have made their presences known at nuclear facilities, air force bases and navel stations, dams and power plants, and are even harassing the everyday folk of the Palmetto State. Following cars in Jasper County and Greenville, opening portals in Reesesville, and buzzing backyards throughout the region, sightings are becoming more frequent as time goes by. South Carolina is a hot bed for UFO activity from strange lights to crafts that make impossible maneuvers to alien abductions. Take a closer look at South Carolina's skies.

Size: 6" x 9" | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347498

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Johnsonville, South Carolina author and researcher Sherman Carmichael has been researching UFOs and other strange and unusual things since 1972. Over the years, Carmichael has seen and heard many unexplained things, including witnessing several UFOs, which are included in this book. Intrigued by the lights in the night sky, he began his search for the truth. What is behind the lights? He, like many other researchers believe that there is life on other planets and we are being visited. Carmichael’s research includes many hours of reading books, newspapers, interviewing witnesses, and trips to Roswell, New Mexico, and the Mayan Ruins in Mexico and Central America. Carmichael has spent 25 years in law enforcement and 30 years as a photographer.