UFOs Over Long Island, New York

Joseph Flammer of The Paranormal Adventurers

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Join investigative reporter Joseph Flammer as he examines 60 years of Long Island's "silent alien invasion." Read compelling interviews with witnesses and field investigators. Learn about John Ford, whom many people say has been wrongfully imprisoned for alleged crimes related to his involvement with exposing the truth about UFOs over Long Island. Meet contactees and abductees, including Janet Russell, who claims she was abducted and shown hybrid babies of aliens and humans in jars aboard an alien spacecraft. Discover dark events some people say were covered up by the government's secretive "Anti-UFO Army," such as the alleged 1989 shoot-down of an alien craft over Moriches Bay and the subsequent collection of dead aliens, the Southaven Park spaceship crash of 1992, the TWA Flight 800 explosion over Moriches Bay, and time travel experiments said to have been conducted at Camp Hero at Montauk Point. Find out the truth about Long Island's UFOs…and then join "The Resistance" to fight back!

Size: 6" x 9" | 35 b/w images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347078

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Joseph Flammer is a hardcore news reporter with investigative experience for newspapers across Long Island. He and his investigations partner, Diane Hill, have written three books, many articles, and speak widely across Long Island and in New York City as The Paranormal Adventurers.