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UFOs Above PA

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UFOs Above PA

Gerard J. Medvec and Mark Sarro

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Alien abductions, wild, silent spacecrafts, and magical extraterrestrial technology all come together through eyewitness accounts in UFOs Above Pennsylvania! Read new, never-before-told sagas of sightings that are similar to others around the world. Told in a short-story format to enflame the imagination and satisfy the intellect, feel the wonder, terror, and revelation of folks seeing objects and beings from other planets. Return to the ’60s when a UFO was seen above a prominent eastern PA university. Witness a young boy being chased by an alien craft through the streets of his western PA suburb. Feel a woman’s terror as alien lights blast through her vacation cabin in central PA. Discover the real, nightly alien invasion that nobody has talked about, and no one can stop!

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 28 b/w images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764342929 | Binding: soft cover


Gerard Medvec and Mark Sarro are authors of Ghosts of Delaware. Gerry has published over sixty nonfiction articles and four short stories. UFOs have been in his life for over twenty years. Mark, author of Ghosts of Westchester, is an author, paranormal investigator, and talk show host.