UFO Conspiracy

Carmen McLaren

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Will you be part of the great UFO cover up? Take an in-depth look at the U.S. Government's conspiracy to hide UFO phenomena from the public eye since 1947. Read more than 250 of the most startling alien encounters that the government never wanted you to know about. See how authorities have created a ministry of misinformation by setting up pseudo-investigatory groups to discredit witnesses and fool the public, while creating military regulations on how UFO sightings/interceptions would be handled. Find out about the millions of taxpayers' dollars being spent on investigating objects the government claims do not exist. Be there with two presidents, many scientists, and hundreds of military/civilian pilots, military personnel, police officers, and others who have had incredible, often frightening, encounters with UFOs. Stand at the threshold of the unknown. Will you have the courage to walk through that door into a larger universe? It's time you learned the truth about UFOs.

Size: 7" x 10" | 352 pp
ISBN13: 9780764338939

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As a past member of the Center for UFO Studies, the (now defunct) Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, and for the last 12 years, the Mutual UFO Network, Carmen McLaren has researched the UFO phenomenon by every possible means for three decades.