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Tuckerton, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

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Tuckerton, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

Marilyn and Daniel Melega

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Take a nostalgic tour of Tuckerton, New Jersey, a seaport town with history spanning back to the 1700s. Over 280 photos of black and white and hand-tinted postcards and memorabilia illustrate the town’s history, including splendid buildings present and long gone, the 850-foot Transatlantic wireless radio tower erected in 1912, and the bone-jarring antics that took place at the Tuckerton and Manahawkin automobile racetracks. Explore the Four Corners, Main Street, the Tuckerton Railroad, and Lake Pohatcong. Local residents fill in the details of Tuckerton’s history and people with tales as colorful as the postcards, including a story of the local shipyard owner who set up chairs across the creek from the launch point and invited folks from out of town to witness the boat launch in front row seats, where the unsuspecting tourists got soaked. For postcard collectors, historians, and fans of a good yarn, this book will be a wonderful addition to the library.

Size: 11″ x 8 1/2″ | 285 color photos | Price Guide | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764334115 | Binding: soft cover


Daniel and Marilyn Melega have been collecting postcards for decades. They are lifelong residents of New Jersey with an appreciation for local history.