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John Eggen

The West that Was

John Eggen

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Much of early Americana has been destroyed and lost forever. But occasionally, and almost miraculously, some parts of its survive. So it is with the photographs in this book. Saved from an ignominious end in the city dump, they chronicle and enliven the cowboy's life on the range.The result is a beautiful volume of real-life images of western cattlemen. These unretouched photographs taken from the original 5" x 7" negatives give an unprecedented look at life on the ranch and trail. We are presented with real people seen on the job. We see the costumes, the work, the everyday necessities of the range. And as the cowboys stare back at the camera or work with one another, the reader will get the sense of knowing them and their way of living.This is an important volume of history that every student of the Old West will cherish.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 106 photos | 184 pp
ISBN13: 9780887403309

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John Eggen grew up on a homestead in South Dakota. At the time there was still open range and he had the experience of riding herd when he was a child. He studied photography with Ansel Adams, and operated a photography studio in Lebanon, Oregon for 32 years.