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The Real Ryman Setter: A History with Stories from the Appalachian Grouse Covers

Walter A. Lesser and Lisa M. Weisse

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The real story behind the development of the Ryman English setter. Walter A. Lesser and Lisa M. Weisse detail the Rymans from their origins through the present day. Having bred and hunted with Ryman setters for more than 50 years, Lesser profiles the man George Ryman and how his breeding program used Laverack and Llewellin lines to create the ideal hunting setter. Lesser's gunning tales provide valuable insights into handling, training, and hunting grouse and woodcocks with setters. Weisse's thorough analysis of the historical record rewrites the history of the English setter. From the breed's development in the 1800s, through the field/show "split," to George Ryman's breeding, her outstanding research sheds light on the truth about these events. Hunters, field trialers, show aficionados, and anyone interested in English setters will find a wealth of valuable information within this book. Includes 67 Ryman setter pedigrees.

Size: 7" x 10" | 208 illustrations | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345135

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Walter A. Lesser is a retired biologist with 42 years in wildlife management for the State of West Virginia. He resides in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia and has written many wildlife or dog-related articles, papers and reports. Walt acquired his first Ryman-bred setter in 1958 and, with a few dedicated Ryman fanciers, bred, trained and hunted over these setters, primarily on grouse and woodcocks, for more than half a century. Few people alive possess this first hand experience with setters bred by George Ryman, making Walt uniquely qualified to present their history. Lisa M. Weisse is a college music teacher and avid outdoors person who grew up in the West. Her interest in setters began in 1986 with the gift of a puppy named October who was descended from Ryman bloodlines. Pursuing grouse, woodcock, and western covey birds with that wonderful dog sparked a lifelong obsession with English setters. She and her husband Cliff live on Idaho's Yellowstone plateau where, along with careers in the fly-fishing business, they breed Ryman-type setters under the kennel name October.