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The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History • Vol.1 1939-1943

The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History • Vol.1 1939-1943

Jerzy B. Cynk

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After being overrun during the early Blitzkrieg in September 1939, and later in France in 1940, the Polish Air Force – flying British and American made fighters and bombers out of England in their own units – made a tremendous contribution to the Allied air victory. The PAFs gallant, lonely fight in September 1939 inflicted the first losses on the mighty Luftwaffe and allowed Britain a nine month grace to strengthen her air defenses. Their part in the Battle of Britain became legend, and its contribution to the early RAF bomber offensive on Germany was equally great. PAF exploits over Dieppe, North Africa, and during the invasion of Europe received special commendations from the RAF. This two volume set is the result of years’ painstaking research of the official RAF and PAF documentation, and is fully supported by the Polish Air Force Association. After a brief introduction to the PAF’s formative years and to the political background to the war itself, the factors shaping PAF operations in Great Britain and to the abandonment by Britain of her most faithful ally are discussed. The book also provides a wealth of information about all PAF squadrons, their participation in operations, the great variety of aircraft flown by the PAF – Hurricanes, Spitfires, Mustangs, Warhawks, Mosquitoes, Lancasters, Wellingtons, Bostons, Liberators and many others – their achievements and disappointments, victories, and losses. These are supplemented by operational statistics in detailed appendices, lists, charts, maps and over 700 black and white and color photographs, and color profiles.Volume 1 covers: the origins of Polish aviation; the air war against the Luftwaffe during the initial Blitzkrieg; the air battles over France and the formation of the Polish squadrons; the establishment and development of the PAF squadrons in Britain after the battles in France; the Battle of Britain; PAF units over Dieppe and North Africa; expansion of the PAF and operations in 1941-1943; and PAF bomber squadrons and bomber operations 1940-1943.

Size: 9″ x 12″ | over 415 b/w photos, maps | 336 pp
ISBN13: 9780764305597 | Binding: hard cover