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The Outlaw GunnerThe Outlaw Gunner
Harry M. Walsh

The Outlaw Gunner: A Journey from Hunting for Survival to a Call for Waterfowl Conservation

Dr. Harry M. Walsh

2nd Edition

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The Outlaw Gunner is the colorful story of market gunning in both its legal and illegal phases, particularly as it was practiced in the great Chesapeake Bay, the Outer Banks, and the tidewater regions of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. In more than 150 of the most unusual and rare photographs from the author’s collection, the men with their guns, boats, and traps are shown in action. The market-gunning paraphernalia looks strange and fearful—and well it might, for it was devastatingly efficient and deadly. He describes baiting practices, gunning with tollers, trapping, gunning lights, punt guns, pipe guns, the sinkbox—the whole bag of tricks the outlaws used. This is a fascinating account of a period and of practices long gone. Throughout the unspoken “good ole days” feeling, and the nostalgia, runs a strong between-the-lines plea for conservation in our time. The appeal, placed in this setting, is hard to ignore.

Size: 7" x 10" x 7/8" | 183 color and b/w images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764360619

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Harry M. Walsh was a native of Chestertown, Maryland. He grew up as a riverman on the wild and lonely marshes that fringe the Chesapeake Bay and served his apprenticeship with an old market gunner. By the age of thirteen he was hiring out as a hunting guide, supplementing the family income, and later helping pay his way through college. Dr. Walsh is a graduate of Washington College and the University of Maryland Medical School. After completing four years of surgical residency in Nassau and Meadowbrook hospitals in New York, he returned to his native Eastern Shore and for many years was on the staff of the Memorial Hospital in Easton. A rugged outdoorsman, he was one of the founders of Easton’s famous annual Waterfowl Festival.