The New Old School: Exploring the Modern Renaissance of Old School & Neo-Traditional Tattooing

Jakob Schultz, Photography by Peter Booker Nielsen

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This book focuses on the traditional (old school) style of tattooing and its ongoing impact on today's tattoo art. More than 300 stunning color photos are combined with tattoo artists' personal explanations of why they love to work in the traditional style, and the artistic challenges that it poses today. For the fifteen tattoo artists in this book, the essence of real and true tattooing is the traditional one: bold lines, simple motifs, black and red colors—tattoos built to last on the skin. From the early beginnings in the late 19th century among sailors, traditional tattoos have been developed further by today's tattoo artists. Neo-traditional, Americana, new school, old school—the names are many, but all have that single common heritage: they are based on the simple lines created on the sailors' skins many years ago.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 317 color photos | 216 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349362

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Jakob Schultz is a Danish journalist and author who has been involved in the underground music scene since 1984, when he began editing and writing for underground fanzines. He was also guitarist in the Danish bands Invocator and Maceration. Back then, tattooing, like death metal, was still underground. In 1987, he founded Denmark’s major metal magazine _Metalized._ He has also written for the tattoo magazine _Progress._ As the editor for the Copenhagen Ink Festival, Schultz learned more about the best tattoo artists from around the world, in particular the top old school and neo-traditional artists from Scandinavia. Peter Booker Nielsen is a Danish photographer. He was taught by the photojournalist Henning Hjorth. He previously worked with Jakob Schultz on the book _Inkslingers: Under the Skin._ Nielsen's photos are also featured in the book _2,200 Everyday Rituals._ He works as an assistant to renowned fashion photographer Nicolai Alexander Rudnicki.