The Modern Masters of Tattooing : Exclusive interviews with a few of the best tattoo artists of the new generation from around the world

Ákos Bánfalvi

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Tattoo art has become a worldwide phenomenon. Increasing numbers of people are seeking high-quality tattoos--extensive designs that elevate tattoo work to an art form. In this book, Hungarian author Ákos Bánfalvi introduces readers to the most talented tattoo artists of our times. These men--and one woman--have become idols in the global tattoo community. In exclusive interviews with these 23 artists, Bánfalvi uncovers the circumstances that drew them to tattooing and the ideas that inspire them. Through their stories, a larger picture emerges of the current trends and styles in tattooing and the growth of the industry. Paired with more than 1,100 new and rarely seen images of their work, this book presents a comprehensive view of the best and most creative tattoo art being done in countries including Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, England, France, Germany, the United States, Venezuela and Estonia.

Size: 9" x 12" | 1173 photos | 272 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347320

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Ákos Bánfalvi is a well-known Hungarian journalist and principal contributor to Hungarian Tattoo and Tattoo Galéria magazines. Everything started with his love for rock music, which led to his career as a music journalist during his teens. He soon became a principal contributor to the Hungarian RockinforM Magazine, where he worked for more than 15 years. During this period, he wrote five successful books about Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, the most famous Hungarian punk ’n’ roll band, Junkies, the Hungarian melodic rock band Hooligans, and more. He also worked for years as a host and editor for several rock/metal radio and television programs.His interest turned more and more toward tattoos, and now he lives for this kind of art. He started to work for Hungarian Tattoo Magazine in 2007 and, since then, has done interviews every month with tattooed bands, tattoo photographers, tattooed models, tattoo artists, and other artists from all around the world for two different Hungarian tattoo magazines. Bánfalvi also occasionally works for the English tattoo magazine Total Tattoo and the U.S. digital magazine InkSpired.His books include The Colorful World of Tattoo Models (Wolfgang Publications), World’s Best Tattoo Models Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 (all Wilkinson Publishing), and Ink ’N Girls (Schiffer Publishing)