The Legendary Illinois Cookbook: Historic and Culinary Lore from the Prairie State

Agnes M. Feeney & John L. Leckel

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The Legendary Illinois Cookbook is an affectionate journey through Illinois that offers a panoramic view of the state and its favorite foods. The six geographical areas of Illinois provide the framework for a comprehensive collection of over 600 recipes that will please any member of the family. Along with the broad selection of delicious foods, the authors have included fascinating historical background for each of the six geographical sections and have also scattered interesting town tidbits among the recipes. To round out the image, charming original artwork and wonderful old photographs highlight many of the unique characteristics of Illinois. The overall result is a cookbook chock full of food, fun, and facts that will be as much fun to read as it will be to use.

Size: 7" x 9" | illustrated | 352 pp
ISBN13: 9780898651997

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