The Imperial German Armies in Field Grey Seen Through Period Photographs • 1907-1918: Volume 3: Cavalry, Artillery, Pioneers, Transport, Train, Medical, Miscellaneous Formations

Johan Somers

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These books present in detail the field-grey uniforms, helmets, weapons, and equipment used before and during the First World War. The origin and the many formations in existence at the outbreak of the war, and newly raised will be outlined, followed by a section on uniforms. The many carefully selected black and white war-era photos with large and complete captions will give the reader a thorough understanding of the appearance of the German Army during World War I. Each branch of service is lavishly illustrated with over 3000 black and white, and color photographs. The three volumes cover: uniforms, headgear, weapons, gas warfare, telephone and communications equipment, infantry, jäger, schützen, radfahrer, mountain troops, machine gunners, cavalry, artillery, pioneers, transport, train, medical, and miscellaneous formations.

Size: 9" x 12" | 1000 bw/color images | 360 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345852

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