The Grumbletroll

Idea by Aprilkind, Written by Barbara van den Speulhof, illustrated by Stephan Pricken

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Age level: Picture Book: Ages 0-6


No! No! No! The little troll is terribly angry. It’s like there’s a
storm inside him, with lightning shooting out of the sky and thunder
rumbling loudly. Yes, that’s exactly how he feels: like a rumbling and grumbling troll. A grumbletroll! Eventually his friends get fed up with his yelling and go off to play without him. Will the little troll be able to make up for his bad behavior and win back the favor of his friends? Grumbletroll serves as a model to help children recognize and learn ways to stop fits of rage that we all struggle with when things don’t go our way.

Size: 9" x 11" | 24 color images | 32 pp
ISBN13: 9780764361173

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Steffi & Michael Gerharz (aprilkind) live in Troisdorf, near Cologne, with their three children. The stories and soft toys that they design for their label, aprilkind, are played with by children all over the world. The idea for the grumbletroll came to them when their youngest daughter was sitting at the breakfast table with her arms folded, sulking and grumbling. The little troll quickly took shape as an adjustable soft toy that can show both anger and happiness, along with the concept for his first picture-book adventure. I grumble when you grumble! I laugh when you laugh! As a passionate children’s book author, director and producer of radio plays for children, Barbara van den Speulhof knows that the issue of anger plays a large role in many families – and so she loved the idea of the little troll who thunders out his unfiltered anger, and doesn’t realise the effect it has on his friends until they tell him. Her words bring the grumbletroll and his rage to life – in an authentic, heart-warming story without any hint of finger-wagging. As father to a son, Stephan Pricken is also familiar with fits of anger. After short periods in mechanical engineering and architecture, he studied primary school teaching with a focus on art, and then graphic design in Münster, where he now lives and works as a freelance illustrator. Developing the little troll and his world based on the cuddly toy was an unusual but exciting task, which he has carried out with tremendous success: you can’t help but love his grumbletroll!