The Global Outdoor Survival Guide: Basic to Advanced Skills for Every Environment

Joe Vogel

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Whether you are looking to brush up on your outdoor skills, are preparing for a thrilling and adventurous ecotour or excursion, or are an experienced hiker, camper, or otherwise, this book is for you. Outdoor survival techniques for each of the earth’s ecosystems are covered and each environment provides its own set of skills, observations, and steps to not only survive, but also enjoy that environment. A basic set of skills (shelter, food, defense, and first aid) and how to’s (fire starting, rope making, trapping, and more) are also included that can be used anywhere from the local park to a multi-day hike in Asia. A must for any seasoned excursionist or beginner gearing up for the outdoors.

Size: 7" x 10" | 400+ color images | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764354267

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Johannes "Joe" Vogel is a biologist, author, adventurer, hunter, and fisherman who has written several books on this topic, gives lectures and seminars throughout Europe, and works for several print magazines, TV channels, and production companies. He is always testing, expanding, and checking his knowledge anew on expeditions and in survival experiments all over the world, and advises individuals on preparing for extreme travel abroad. He acquired the techniques he uses firsthand from original inhabitants, war veterans, and pros in various fields. You can learn more about Joe and his projects at