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The Gentleman’s Pocket Knife: History and Construction of the World’s Most Beautiful Models

Stefan Schmalhaus

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As elegant as they are practical, pocket knives have long been considered essential equipment for a gentleman. No cleverly programmed app is able to open blister packages, peel a pear, or cut off a thread hanging from a seam. Revealed are the most beautiful pocket knives from old standards of past generations such as Markus Balbach, Monolith, Fiorentino, Higonokami, Great Eastern Cutlery, and Queen Cutlery to the more modern Claude Dozorme, Neptunia, Dweller, and Moki. Interesting facts about the history and technology of pocket knives add to an assortment of stylish and striking pocket knives that anyone can cut into.

Size: 8" x 10" | 408 color images | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764354984

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Dr. Stefan Schmalhaus studied German language and literature, philosophy, and political science, and writes regularly for Messer Magazin, the leading German magazine on knives. In addition, he has been operating a YouTube channel and a blog about high-end cutting tools for many years.