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The Fashionable Fan

Bella Veksler

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Fans--they are mysterious and magical, and have been elevated to an art form by the great artists and decorators. They can be viewed as a tangible extension of femininity, style, and elegance. This book tells the fascinating tale of the fan as both a charming fashion accessory and a sophisticated mirror reflecting the changes in fashion and culture over time. Covering medieval times to the twentieth century, individual chapters trace the history of fans and their relationship to the major fashion trends of each era. Over 255 images, including dramatic original photos as well as historical illustrations, showcase fans made of paper, silk, lace, wood, celluloid, feathers, and more. Different shapes and styles of fans are featured, including fixed, pleated, and brise fans, souvenir fans, even several restored fans shown in "before and after" photos. An outstanding resource for fashion historians, students, designers, collectors, and aficionados, this unique study of the fan and its relationship to fashion will be of great interest to anyone who appreciates beautiful clothing and beautiful accessories.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 215 color and 46 b/w photos | Price Guide | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764311000

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Bella Veksler is a professor of Fashion History and Fashion Design at Drexel University and Art Institute in Philadelphia. She is also the author of Lace: The Poetry of Fashion**.