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The Ever-Changing Coastline: Tidal Forces at Work

Joseph R. Votano

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Beaches are the most dynamic places on Earth, offering an infinite variety of patterns and geological land formations. This book celebrates and solves the mysteries of the fascinating and frequently abstract beauty of gravitational effects at the water's edge. Lovers of natural history will appreciate the images of curiously sculpted potholes, towering sea stacks, sand and vegetal varieties, and blue sky reflected in striated rivulets, accompanied by diagrams and explanations of the natural forces at work. This book aims to enhance appreciation for oceans and their shape-shifting shorelines. They are, after all, wondrous.

Size: 10" x 8" | 159 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764354878

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Joseph Votano is a photographer whose published works include Boston and Cape Ann, a photo e-book coauthored with Leslie Wood of US PhotoGroup; Boston Below, a look at the Boston subway system, coauthored with Karen Hosking; and Shaker Legacies, which documents the development of Shakerism in the United States. His images have appeared in Prestige Travel Hong Kong, Michelin travel guides, Aishti Magazine (Middle East), and Boston.com. Some of his work can be seen at www.joevotanophotography.com.