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The English Revolver : A Collectors' Guide to the Guns, their History and Values

George Prescott

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Famous throughout the nineteenth century for the quality of its products, the English revolver industry began a steady decline after WWI from which it never recovered. Apart from the famous Webley service revolvers, many products of this important industry are little known outside of the auction house and sale room. This book sets out to rectify that situation, describing Adam's and Tranter's revolvers, as valued in their day as any of Webley's products, and including guns from the more obscure makers neglected by previous writers. In particular, the chapter on military revolvers is one of the most important sections of the book, beginning with the British government's early purchase of Colt's percussion weapon and concluding with the Webley Service revolvers, strikingly familiar to many who served in the British Army in both World Wars. Finally, many of the guns are pictured here for the first time, a number having been photographed especially for this book.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 333 color photos | Index | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347573

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Originally trained as a biologist and then an 'Early years' teacher, George Prescott has been writing and publishing upon a variety of subjects, including firearms amd family history, since 1993. He has been writing about firearms in general and revolvers in particular for the magazine, 'Classic Arms & Militaria' since 2010. He lives in Kent and his hobbies include target shooting, collecting antique firearms and riding and restoring motor¬cycles.