The Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys: 1947-2001

Charlie Mack

Revised 4th Edition

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It's all here! Pictured and listed in this massive volume, now in its fourth edition, are fifty-four years' worth of toys produced between Matchbox's founding in 1947, and 2001, including their popular diecast vehicles, playsets, dolls, plastic kits, robots, and ephemera. The international scope of Matchbox toys is illustrated in catalogs and on boxes and labels printed in a dozen languages. Certain toys have been made for sale in specific countries or to promote specific companies or products. In 1982 the international numbering system on miniatures changed. The result of all these variables is a fascinating and infinite variety of Matchbox toys. In the largest volume about Matchbox Toys ever published, 2,447 color photos illustrate nearly all of Matchbox's vast line. Helpful captions and a price guide make this an essential part of every collector's library.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 2447 color photos | price guide | 320 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345609

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Charlie Mack is one if the world's foremost authorities on Matchbox Toys. Born in Middletown, Connecticut, in 1956, he has lived in Durham, Connecticut, his entire life. Charlie grew up at a time when Matchbox toys were just beginning to gain popularity in the United States so, of course, he spent a great deal of time playing with them. By the age of eleven, he decided to start collecting them on a more serious level. It took nearly a decade to gather his first thousand pieces. Soon after that, though, his collection grew at a faster rate. He has accumulated what is probably the world's largest collection of a single toy brand, with over 30,000 items. Charlie started the Matchbox USA Club back in 1977 as a local off-shoot of American International Matchbox. The club celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012, with over 400 members worldwide. In 1992, Charlie opened up part of his home as the Matchbox & Lesney Toy Museum; his collection is housed in seven individual rooms. Charlie gladly takes visitors through by appointment at no charge. He has written four previous volumes on Matchbox, all incorporated here, along with new materials, in one massive volume.