The Edge of Christmas: Carving Christmas Whimsies

Paul Bolinger & Camille Bolinger

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Paul and Camille Bolinger present a how-to guide for creating whimsical wooden Christmas figures that sit on shelf edges to decorate all holiday homes. Inspirational as well as educational, Edge of Christmas contains the patterns for nine new woodcarvings, including a Teddy Bear, a Moose, Snowmen, and, of course, some Santas. The great design ideas and decorating touches shown by Paul and Camille are sure to help you perfect your carving skills and expand your ability to a new level. Through easy-to-follow instructions and helpful practice exercises, the "cut out and glue up" techniques detailed instruct novices and old hands alike on how to produce eye-catching figures faster and with more confidence. The design ideas and patterns include ideas on the different beard, mustache, nose, and eye styles, while also encouraging and allowing room for carvers to develop unique and imaginative designs of their own. With the showcase of figures featured in the picture gallery, this book is certain to bring inspiration and innovation to any carving technique, spurring carvers into a carving frenzy.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 219 color prints, 20 b & w illustrations | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764306877

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