The Douglas A-20 Havoc: From Drawing Board to Peerless Allied Light Bomber

William Wolf

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Of all the Allied bombers of WWII, the Douglas A-20 Havoc is probably the least well known, but was a major contributor to the air war effort, flying yeoman and unheralded missions not only for the USAAF, but also for the Royal Air Forces of Britain, South Africa, and Australia; the Vichy and Free French Air Forces; and most importantly, for the Soviet Army and Navy Air Forces, where more A-20s flew than with the USAAF. This is the sixth in the "Ultimate Look" series and presents the same meticulous depth of research as the other books, using a multitude of original sources, technical manuals, and photographs. It includes an in-depth look into the history of the Douglas Company, its founder, Donald Douglas, and its legendary designer, Ed Heinemann. This book is truly the definitive look at the Havoc.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 788 color & b/w photos, drawings | 520 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348334

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Dr. Wolf is a retired dentist whose passion is WWII air combat, having over 22,000 books and three miles of microfilm on WWII in his library. He is the author of 16 in-depth books and numerous articles on WWII aviation history. Among his books are histories of VMF-323, the 13th, and 5th (in 3 volumes) Air Forces, a six-volume “Ultimate Look” series on AAF bombers (B-29, B-32, B-18, B-25, B-26, A-20), a three-volume set on U.S. Aircraft Armament in WWII, and a two-volume set on U.S. aces, pilots, and aircraft (vol. 1) and fighter-bomber pilots in the ETO/MTO (vol.2).