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The Dead Won't Hurt You...Or Will They?: A True Tale of a Family's Haunting

D.B. Lyn

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In a true and terrifying story, one woman shares her hair-raising tale of a lifetime stalked by menacing, otherworldly presences and ghostly visions in her grandmother's home in New Waterford, Ohio.Unseen hands shake her awake at night, leaving bruises, or throw things at her head with deadly aim. She hears eerie laughter and unseen hands knocking on doors whenever she's alone in the house. Lights go out by themselves, things disappear, and healthy people go to sleep and never wake again. Her own family is reluctant to talk about her experiences, but after the ghosts claim their fourth victim in the house, Becky sets out to finally rid the house, and her life, of the evil. Will destroying the house get rid of the ghosts? Or will they follow her to her new home next door?

Size: 6" x 9" | 28 photos | 196 pp
ISBN13: 9780764317019

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