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The Boy Who Saved the Town

Brenda Seabrooke. Illustrated by Howard M. Burns

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Age level: Early Readers: Ages 5-8


Barnaby Sharpe likes climbing trees—he is practicing to be a ship's captain and will need to climb masts someday. One early evening during the War of 1812, he is sitting in a tall oak tree, hoping to be the first to catch sight of the British warships that are expected to bombard St. Michaels, Maryland. In an unusual turn of events, Barnaby's tree climbing leads him to a brilliant idea to outwit the British. This story of a young boy who is smarter than the grown-ups is a great morale booster for children and a pleasure for them to share with their parents. Early reader–ages 5-8.

Size: 7" x 10" | 16 color illustrations | 30 pp
ISBN13: 9780870334054

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