The Book of Great American Firecrackers: Cherry Bombs, M-80s, Cannon Crackers, and More

Jack Nash

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Including 183 color and black-and-white images of vintage photos and packaging, plus values for American firecracker collectibles, this is the first book to focus on US firecrackers. Many pyrobilia guides cover Chinese firecrackers, but the US's history is just as colorful, from fireworks' inception into American celebrations as a replacement for dangerous celebratory gun and cannon fire, until the final federal ban with the Child Protection Act of 1966. Fireworks made the 4th of July the best holiday ever, for generations of boys especially. Beginning with a brief history of the firecracker and how it came to America, the book details the types the US produced—a wide array, from Cherry Bombs and Silver Salutes to Ash Cans and Torpedoes. Also covered are how the US Industrial Revolution impacted fireworks, as well as the innovations throughout the American industry, from its successes to the factory disasters.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 183 color & b/w images | Price Guide/Index | 96 pp
ISBN13: 9780764351426

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Jack Nash is a musician, artist, and writer. He began collecting firework labels at a very early age, and eventually became a licensed pyrotechnician. Active in the entertainment field, Jack has developed special indoor pyrotechnic effects for the stage.