The Art of Peter Sculthorpe: Paintings Spanning Four Decades

Peter P. Sculthorpe.

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This compilation of the classic artwork of Peter Sculthorpe spans four decades. By considering light, the passage of time, the use of different mediums and sizes, and inspiring locations, Peter brings to life moments and subjects that are important to classic art. Here, find 116 beautiful paintings that capture early domestic architecture, vast open landscapes, the rocky coastline, changing weather, and domestic farms—the cornerstones of his work. Along with pure landscapes; historic buildings; innocent creatures; the still of the moon; the wind, weather, sea, and stone of seacoasts; and found and cherished still life, Peter provides heartfelt essays as his introduction to timeless refuges that continue to renew. Whether the painting captures a moment when the late afternoon sun strikes the side of a building or the morning sun shimmers on a body of water, you will find these treasures significant to time and its passage.

Size: 12" x 9" | 116 color images | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349140

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After attending The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the late 60’s, Peter Sculthorpe launched his career as a landscape painter in 1970 and has never looked back until now. The body of work featured in this book represents forty-five years of discovery, passion, and commitment. Sculthorpe is well known for creating work with seductive moods and immaculate details; from early domestic architecture to how the moon casts shadows on new fallen snow. His range of subject matter spans from the Oregon coast to the cliffs of Newfoundland. Sculthorpe’s work is found in several important museums and private collections across the country. He currently resides in Rockland, Delaware.