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Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey

Eric Pohl

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Experience the grandeur of the Texas Hill Country through stunning photography and narrative highlighting the natural beauty, scenic wonders, charming historic towns, and cultural heritage of Texas’ most celebrated region. Cradled by Austin to the east and San Antonio to the south, the Texas Hill Country is famous for its undulating landscape, where spring-fed streams carve wooded canyons, rugged limestone peaks rise to more than 2,500 feet, and country roads wind through rolling grasslands and wildflower meadows. Captured beautifully in 153 color photos, view this beautiful region through the eyes of Texas-native photographer and author Eric W. Pohl. Join him on an intimate visual journey, leaving behind the freeways and big cities to reveal out-of-the-way places and explore the true heart of Texas.

Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 153 color images | 152 pp
ISBN13: 9780764353925

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Photographer and travel writer Eric W. Pohl has always been drawn to the rich heritage and natural beauty of rural Texas, particularly the Hill Country region. Eric spends his time bringing his motto to life: “it’s all about the journey, so always take the scenic route!” His quest to explore the backroads of Texas takes him everywhere from sweeping hilltop vistas and tranquil canyons to historic small-town dance halls and smoky mom-and-pop barbecue joints. That’s the real Texas to Eric—those extraordinary places off the beaten path—and his passion to capture and share this visual journey springs from his love of the Lone Star State. Eric lives in Dripping Springs with his wife and son.