Tattoo Road Trip: Southern California

Bob Baxter

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Get up close and personal with Southern California's most legendary and trend-setting tattoo artists. Join Skin & Ink magazine editor, Bob Baxter, as he drives from shop to shop in his '94 azure-blue Mustang. Follow along as he chats it up with Southern California's living tattoo legends. Gather the inside info. Hear the spicy gossip. See the gorgeous gals and lusty men sport their traffic-stopping ink. Turn the pages. See their work in 565 color photos. Meet the artists. Take the trip! The Tattoo Road Trip!Featured artists include: Dave Gibson; Danielle Oberosler & Robert Atkinson; Shannon O'Sullivan; Mike Pike & Jojo Ackerman; Bob Roberts, Bryan Burke & Joe Vegas; Pat Fish; Jack Rudy; Judy Parker; Baba & Odie; Dottie M.; Corey Miller; Greg James; Patty Kelley; Fip Buchanan; Ethan Morgan; Steve Smith; Emelio Cusidor & Kerri Hodsdon; Kari Barba & Jeremiah Barba; Tennessee Dave James; John Saletra & Colin LaRocque; Riley Baxter; Shawn Warcot; Juan Puente, Mark Mahoney, Small Paul, & Chris Conn; Rori Keating; Baby Ray; and Eric Maaske.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 565 color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764318399

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Bob Baxter is the Editor in Chief of Skin & Ink Magazine, bible publication of the tattoo world. Receiving his first tattoo when he accidentally jammed a ballpoint pen into his knee in the fourth grade, Baxter has become a key spokesman for the tattoo community and a leading advocate for the protection of tattoo arts among tribal cultures.