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"Tails" of the Afterlife: True Stories of Ghost Pets

Peggy Schmidt

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Learn how departed animals communicate with their owners with either "Postcards" or "Kisses" from heaven and other heartwarming and funny stories. This book highlights true "tails" about animals that have visited their owners from the afterlife. For anyone who has ever loved an animal, these stories will produce a roller coaster of emotions and the belief that their "heart animal" will always be there for them—even after leaving this world. Harrison the Greyhound refused to leave the van he rode in, even after he passed away; Boo Boo, the long-deceased Boston Terrier, reappears any time another pet needs to cross to the other side, and Coco's barking from beyond saved her family from a fire. Do pets return from the dead to contact their owners? Can pets actually see spirits that exist in your home? Does your pet have the drive to protect you from spirits that appear at your bedside? Decide for yourself as you read these ghostly stories.

Size: 6" x 9" | 43 color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764332531

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Peggy Schmidt researches, writes stories, and conducts tours for Ghost Tours of America. She has hosted radio shows, done theatre and television, and writes a column for newspaper. Schmidt admits that she is owned by eight Jack Russell Terriers, several who are obedience school dropouts.