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Supernatural Hawaii

Supernatural Hawaii

Judi Thompson

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Ancient Hawaiian warriors march in the night, mysterious blue lights hover and zip, tiny people disappear, and invisible spirits attack: These are just some of the stories that Hawaii’s supernatural side has to offer. Islanders tell of their true experiences beyond the veil with Madam Pele, goddess of the volcano; akuas, guardian protector spirits of sharks or white owls; and phantoms who glide in the night. Read the ghostly memories from Island kaimaaina (long-time residents) luminaries Inez Ashdown of Maui and Auntie Harriet Ne of Molokai, kahunas (Hawaiian Shaman) Charles Kenn, Emma “Nana” Veary, and Mary Kawena Pukui, author Julius S. Rodman, and members of the Hawaii State Fire Department. Shiver as you delve into a unique and spirited slice of Hawaii never before shared.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 18 b/w photos | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764331862 | Binding: soft cover


Judi Thompson is an author, teacher, oral historian, and folklorist who has researched supernatural phenomena around the world and has a special interest in Hawaii. She has appeared on television with the History Channel’s Haunted Places series.