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Studio Glass in America: A 50 Year Journey

Ferdinand Hampson

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The American studio glass movement can be traced to 1962, when Harvey Littleton, a professor of ceramics at the University of Wisconsin, had a dream to alter molten glass into unique forms in a studio setting and teach his techniques. For the first time in its 3,500-year history, glass production, that had been limited to factory settings, moved to the artists' studios and became a part of an academic program in the fine arts. Since then, glass has become the fastest growing studio art medium throughout the world. This book takes us from the first workshop in a Toledo, Ohio garage, to reveal decade by decade the unprecedented growth of studio glass. Through high-quality, detailed images and stories, this retrospective of 50 top artists is a collector's dream. Noted art dealer Ferdinand Hampson offers a unique perspective on this exciting evolution.

Size: 9" x 12" | 455 color images | Index | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764342301

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Ferdinand Hampson has been president of Habatat Galleries in Michigan for over 40 years. He has created numerous publications, including 3 previous books, and has lectured extensively on 4 continents. Ferdinand has been responsible for over 100 museum exhibitions. His name is synonymous with studio glass.