Strange West Virginia Monsters

Michael Newton

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Join the search to examine reports of unidentified and misplaced creatures—known as "cryptids"—throughout the Mountain State, from its earliest history to present day. Included are such famous unknowns as Bigfoot; Mothman, harbinger of disaster; giant birds and snakes unrecognized by modern science; anomalous huge human remains unearthed statewide since the 19th century; "extinct" cougars that refuse to die; animals alien to North America, including lions, tigers, black panthers, kangaroos, and piranha; the ferocious "Dogman" and woolly, horned "Sheepsquatch"; freshwater cephalopods; and other creatures that defy classification. Wherever you reside or visit in West Virginia, phantom cryptids have been seen near your location—terrifying witnesses, baffling investigators, and monsters sometimes leave evidence behind to mark their passing through our world. Happy hunting!

Size: 6" x 9" | 82 b/w and color photos | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349461

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Michael Newton has published 279 books since 1977, with 10 more scheduled for release from various houses through 2015. Strange Monsters of West Virginia is his eighth Schiffer book, all but one of the others likewise devoted to cryptozoology. Unknown creatures have fascinated Newton from childhood, when famous Bigfoot sightings were reported from his home state of California. Early articles and books about the Loch Ness monster inspired him to visit the Scottish Highlands ten times over two decades, although he has yet to log a personal “Nessie” sighting.