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SPI: The Case of the Dark Shadow

T. J. Bonham

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In their first paranormal investigative mystery, the Shadow Paranormal Investigators (SPI) battle a sinister dark shadow threatening harm to ghost hunter Ellie Hunter and her family. Appearing first in dreams, but then in reality at a haunted adobe, the shadow materializes for the entire ghost team. Terrified by the entity, the young investigators seek assistance from a Chumash shaman who mentors the teens to become fearless ghost warriors. But the plot thickens and becomes even more menacing when the shadow ruthlessly stalks Ellie's father, who is serving with the military in Afghanistan. And now her father is missing in action under strange circumstances. Will the skills of the Shadow Paranormal Investigators be enough to save the day? Maybe not…

Size: 6" x 9" | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764341328

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T.J. Bonham is a professor of English at Oxnard College. She has an MFA from St. Mary's College of California and currently resides in Southern California, which has become her inspiration for (SPI) Shadow Paranormal Investigators.