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Sol Invictus: The God Tarot

Kim Huggens & Nic Phillips

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Explore the myths, legends, and folklore found in Tarot cards, as well as descriptions of how to use and read the cards. Each card's symbolism and mythology is explained in depth, referencing original sources of the legends so that you can discover more yourself. Several original Tarot spreads are included for use with The God Tarot, inspired by the deck itself and the many mythologies and Gods explored in its cards. Includes:• 78 original and colorful tarot cards• Special instructive manual providing interpretations and symbolism, including myths and divine aspects, and 10 revealing layouts for successful tarot spreads.

Size: 11 1/2" x 6" x 1 1/2" | 78 Tarot cards in color
ISBN13: 9780764327612

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As an eclectic Pagan, Kim Huggens has spent many years studying the Gods and mythologies of different cultures. Her experience with Tarot began when she was nine years old and she now reads Tarot professionally. Nic Phillips, the artist for this tarot deck, has a broad and in-depth knowledge of mythology and Pagan subjects, as well as a lifelong interest in art and illustration.