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Small Ambassadeurs: The Legendary Light-Line Fishing Reels: The ABU Ambassadeur 2500C, 1500C & Related Models

Espen Sjaastad & Karl-Eric Svensson

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The Ambassadeur 2500C, a small casting reel capable of handling fine lines and light baits, was first produced in 1975. This book provides a comprehensive history and taxonomy of this legendary family of fishing reels, which is cherished and admired by anglers, collectors, and tournament casters alike. Find information on variations from 1975 to the present, Ambassadeur De Luxe versions and other special editions, fakes, tournament modifications, and market prices, as well as detailed tables and charts with exhaustive technical information. Since its invention, the 2500C has been followed by 60 further types, all crafted around the same general principles. The current casting world record for 5/8-ounce plugs was set with an original Ambassadeur 2500C, and the reel has acquired such a trusted reputation that many anglers refuse to fish with any other type of reel.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 500 color photos & charts | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348662

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Espen Sjaastad was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1963 and still lives in that town. He is a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, working within the field of natural resource economics. His interest in angling is passionate and broad, although it is most often the trout to which he turns his attention. A small collection of reels left to him by his grandfather got him hooked on old fishing tackle, a predicament from which he is unlikely ever to escape. Karl-Eric “Svängsta-Kalle” Svensson was born in Karlshamn, Sweden, in 1939, and began working on the ABU factory floor in 1957. While at ABU, he worked with surface treatment, machining, inventory, guiding, and property management before retiring in 2003. He and wife Mona still live just a couple of good casts from the ABU factory in Svängsta, Sweden.