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Jeffrey B. Snyder, editor

Singular & Serial: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint

Catherine Kernan & E. Ashley Rooney, with Laura G. Einstein & Janice Oresman

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The fascination with monotype and monoprint never diminishes, thanks to the primal thrill of making a mark, combined with suspense and surprise as paper is lifted from a press. Recent prints from more than 70 top artists across the US demonstrate what monotypes and monoprints offer to artists and the broader world of art, while Kernan, a professional printmaker, provides a view from the studio. She explains the processes and motivations for making singular prints, as well as current practice and context. Examples include unique prints and variations that cross boundaries with combinations of collage, collagraph, direct and transfer drawing, painting, photo-sensitive plates, digital printing, and paper casting with stencils. With their backgrounds in curating, collecting, and art history, Einstein draws us into the history and traditions of the forms, and Oresman writes as a collector about the fascination of monotype as a magically spontaneous process.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 365 color images | 272 pp
ISBN13: 9780764357275

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Catherine Kernan is a professional studio artist and educator. A partner in Mixit Print Studio, an open-access studio founded in 1987 in Somerville, Massachusetts, she exhibits regularly in galleries across the country. See https://catherinekernan.com.